The yurts are packed away

The yurt roof canvas being folded up

On a sunny Saturday in November there was a gathering for the annual dismantling of the three Trossachs Yurts. We had been waiting for a good day for a few weeks.  The first part of the job involved completly emptying the yurts - carpets, rugs, beds, tables, 'kitchen', felt walls and all the decorations. Next is to scrub clean the canvases and then finally the fun bit of taking them down! Friends from the village always come for the day - so there are lots of jokes and it it is a truly team effort. I can hardly believe that this is the end of the fourth season! So we should be pretty practiced by now. After the activity there is a celebratory drink in the local pub The Lion and the Unicorn and a supper at West Moss-side of home grown beef chilli and apple crumble!

So what is the order?!  It is all very logical. The very first thing is to take off the crown cap - that keeps the whole yurt attached to the decking. Then the series of knots tying the wall canvas wall are untied from the roof  canopy, and folded and hung over the ropes in barn, then the roof canvas is taken off the roof - not quite as easy at it looks.  Obviously a job for the boys!! The girls are giving the instructions!  The  canvas is heavy and quite awkward to manoevre but with lots of hands it is easily carried to the barn and hung over ropes to keep aired over the winter.  Next all the rafters are untied from the wall lattice one by one until the final four hoding the crown up. Then the walls are dismantled - there are three segments of the concertina lattice made of ash. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and elegant is their design.  They are built to withstand the wind and the weather of central Asia. This year the Scottish weather has been kind but over the seasons we have had serious blows including at least one 80; The first year I kept Stuc a'Chroin up untill the New Year, some comments tell it all:

"Our second visit to the yurt. Weather was similar to last time, as was the warm welcome and the beautiful scenery. Nice and warm inside depite the wind and the rain outside. See you next time."   Ruth & David September 2012

"Jessica's first Christmas and one to remember. We had a fabulous, cosey three days in the yurt. The storms just added to the nfun as wesipped wine and listened to our little wind up radio. Kate's rare breed Shetland beef made for a delicious Christmas dinner, and we can't wait to come back" David and Aileen and wee Jessica Knox Christmas 2010



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"Having established the craft workshops and environmental education centre at West Moss-side it was my dream to be able to offer facilities to provide a total experience of this wonderful place.

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